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New Vienna

Brand Stories


New Vienna est. by Simon Schwaighofer in 2015.

The brand was registered in 2013.

Important for him is the simple idea.

Which has the quality to push the brand forward. This idea has to be told in a compelling way – the Brand Story.

Simon was Creative Director at Red Bull Creative.

The brand’s in-house agency in Salzburg where he was responsible for corporate projects around the well-known energy drink for about 8 years.

Before that he worked at Springer & Jacoby.

For the brand Mercedes-Benz in Hamburg, London and Vienna for about 10 years. He gained experience in Eastern Europe at Grey Prague for the client Skoda.



What else?


2014:  Appointed to the Cannes Cyber Lions Jury

2015:  Member of the One Interactive Jury in San Diego

2016:  Joined the Ad Stars Jury in Korea

2017:  Jury member for the Venus in Vienna

Lectures on advertising at the New Design University and the Werbeakademie in Austria, at advertising festivals like the Golden Drum Festival in Slovenia and the One Show in the USA.

Simon Schwaighofer is a member of the Creativ Club Austria and lives with his family in Vienna.



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